Invest in yourself... learn to love your spare time... stress relief for life...

It's official... learning a musical instrument is brilliant.  Hard work, but brilliant!

Even the simplest music can be played beautifully and with passion - and that's what touches people's hearts. I believe we all have the capacity to learn what makes music beautiful, and then to learn the skills and techniques necessary to reproduce that beauty.  And, I promise you, there is no greater feeling than when you touch another's heart through the power of music.

I love being a musician.  It's been a part of my life since I was 7 years old.  My aim is to help others, young or old, to enjoy making music as much as I do.


There's nothing quite like learning about music on a piano - making a nice sound is as simple as pressing a key (nearly!) and you learn about melody, harmony, rhythm and musicality in an integrated way. Start with the basics, then progress to classical favourites, learn to turn lead-sheets into a full arrangement or both! Lessons given in-house on a Roland RD800 electronic stage piano or on your own piano at home.


Learn how to use the wealth of features on modern electronic keyboards to create great arrangements of your favourite songs. Learn to construct those instrumental solos you hear on records. Want to learn how to play keyboard in a band? Fancy learning how to lay down a multi-track recording? The choice is yours using your own instrument or using my 32-track digital keyboard lab.


Start from the very beginning or transfer your piano, keyboard or classical organ skills. Lessons given on a 3-manual, full pedalboard Conn Theatre (model 650) or access to a local Cinema Pipe Organ can be arranged. If you would prefer lessons on your own instrument, that's no problem either - I can help you make the most of the features you have available.



Stockport, UK